4. Klasse

Übungen zu Meg and Mog:

MEG AND MOG memory game: https://learningapps.org/6173796 

MEG AND MOG words: https://learningapps.org/6173504 

MEG AND MOG story cards: https://learningapps.org/6173651


Übungen zu Christmas:

I HEAR THEM! words: https://learningapps.org/6208446

I HEAR THEM! words – challenge: https://learningapps.org/6208349



Übungen zu: Pencil case

PENCIL CASE memory game – simple: https://learningapps.org/7930815

PENCIL CASE memory game – challenge: https://learningapps.org/7863124

PENCIL CASE words – set 1: https://learningapps.org/7863213

PENCIL CASE words – set 2: https://learningapps.org/7863354 

PENCIL CASE – wordmat: https://learningapps.org/7863491

Pencil case words (challenge): https://learningapps.org/7863037

What’s in your pencil case? Set 1: https://quizlet.com/432890943

What’s in your pencil case? Set 2:  https://quizlet.com/432899083

Pencil case – word mat: https://quizlet.com/432877337


Übungen zu: Handa’s Surprise
Listen to the story and read along in your mini book:
Put the sentence into the correct order. https://learningapps.org/watch?v=pw7s8f40k19
Übungen zu: Animal Movements
Birdie is moving – Listening activity: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6454882
Birdie is moving – Reading activity: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6454937
Birdie is moving – Memory simple: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6459463
What animals can do – Memory challenge: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6459567
What can the animals really do? – can-can’t: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6459687
What can the animals do? – Listening activity: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6460072
What can the animals do? – Reading activity: HTTPS://LEARNINGAPPS.ORG/6459990
Übungen zu: Little Monsters
Monsters: body parts – easy peasy. Find the body parts. LearningApp: https://learningapps.org/5992297 
Monsters: more body parts. Find the body parts. LearningApp: https://learningapps.org/5992330 
Übungen zu: Vegetable Rap
Match the veggies. Learning App: https://learningapps.org/5992229 
Memory game veggies. Learning App: https://learningapps.org/5992258
Memory game real vegetable. Learning App: https://learningapps.org/755655 
Finde the correct order of the „Vegetable Rap“. Learning App: https://learningapps.org/5992277